Paddy Mills is the winner of the 2014 Grassy Hill Songwriting Competition at the CT Folk Festival


CT Folk



Stellar Review for Race to the Bottom in The Noise


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Race to the Bottom
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The deeply introspective work-protest-history song “Bay View Massacre” establishes Maine folk singer and multiple award-winner Paddy Mills as a chronicler-songwriter in the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. The title track displays a wry side to his hard-luck tales, which is enormously appealing, due in no small part to the level-headed vocals, his pleasant tenor, and his outstanding backing band. In addition to the progressive agenda of some of the lyrics, the musicianship is also redolent of the traditions embodied in the great American folk music songbook. He also has a great sense of humor: If you favor folk novelty acts you’ll greatly enjoy an upbeat number like “Fox in the Barnyard”—you could play it side by side with the likes of Pure Prairie League and James Taylor and no one would blink. The same goes for the jazzy “Another Day Another Sand Dollar.” Paddy Mills also has a knack for a love song, as evidenced on the clever, world-weary, and heartfelt “Settle Up.” Mills is a world-class talent who ought to be more widely known—in a crowded field, he rises to near the top with his hard-won wisdom yoked to a thoroughly simpatico style of presentation. He strikes me as the kind of folk performer people want to sing along to—and possibly even emulate.        (Francis DiMenno)




Paddy Selected as finalist at Wildflower! Festival


Wildflower Festival

Paddy is a finalist in the Wildflower! Art and Music Festival Performing Songwriter Contest in Richardson TX.


Paddy to Play Official Showcase at NERFA One Day Conference





Paddy to play at the 2014 CT Folk Festival Auditions Night


CT Folk


New CD Coming April 1st



Paddy Mills wins the South Florida Folk Festival Singer-Songwriter Competition


Paddy Mills is amongst the three winners of the South Florida Folk Festival Singer-Songwriter Competition.


Paddy wins Mid Atlantic Song Contest


Paddy Mills takes the gold in the folk/acoustic category at the 2014 Mid Atlantic Song Contest.


Paddy wins Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting Contest


Paddy takes 1st place in the 2013 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting Contest.


Paddy wins the Rose Garden Coffeehouse Performing Songwriter Competition


Rose Garden Coffeehouse - Mansfield, MA

Paddy Mills wins the Rose Garden Coffeehouse Performing Songwriter Competition.